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9 July 2010: Today Yasmin quoted Bill's doctor as repeating the old adage:

"There are lies, Dammed lies, and statistics".

So far Bill is defying all the odds. This round of Chemotherapy stopped 4 days ago, Now his body has to regrow his blood producing cell again. Hopefully only the most healthy ones survived the barrage of poison chemicals, so that only they will regenerate and start producing healthy red blood cells again. This is the most dangerous time, when his body has the least defense against infections.

Keep up the prayers. There is no doubt in my mind that they are having an effect! Either that or it is just "coincidence".

Sherna printed of all the message received, and we think Bill was pleased and greatful to see the sheaf of papers that it created. - bryn.
Bill bracketed by his sons, Alden (left) and Ben (right) on his sister's (Bonnie) houseboat, celebrating his 70th birthday a few days early.
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