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10 July 2010: Sherna visited Bill this afternoon and found him in great spirits. He was emailing from his laptop.

Now he has a computer prinout of all the drugs and times so he can keep the nursing staff on track with his medications! So he is being a truly responsible and informed patient - following the Joint Commission recommendation to SPEAK UP

He is on the third day of the regime of medications that are designed to help boost the rebuilding process.

All in all truly miraculous to see him like this. Tomorrow he will be getting a blood transfusion. He said after that he should be hopping around like a rabbit - and the nurse said she'd come back in on her day off just so see that!

Keep up the prayers and thank you so much for all the wonderful message. They mean a lot
- bryn.

Previous updates:

9 July 2010

Bill bracketed by his sons, Alden (left) and Ben (right) on his sister's (Bonnie) houseboat, celebrating his 70th birthday a few days early.
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