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15 Sept 2010: Bill is back in the ICU with double pnuemonia. Over the last weekend he started getting a high fever, but was determined to stay out of the hospital until this evening when the opening of the Phillip and Sala Burton Center for Human Rights sponsored photographic exhibit was to take place in the Museum / Library at the SF Airport museum, (see his press release).

However, that was not possible, and the had to make a choice between attending the function and possibly it being the last function he ever attends, or going back into hospital and going another round so that he can attend future functions.

So, since Bill could not make it, we took a laptop and video-conferenced him in to the proceedings so that the could see and hear much of what what happening and people could talk with him and see him.

Doctor Kristina Brennan from Kaiser who live in South San Franscisco turned up on her day off in support of one of their favorite patients!

Sherna took lots of photos, which have been uploaded to a public album on Picassa Web.


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Above: Virtual Bill at the SFO Museum exhibit opening ceremonies
Bonnie accepting the proclaimation by State Senator, Leland Yee on behalf of Bill for the Phillip and Sara Burton Center for Human Rights.

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