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Bill Hough passed away
22 September, 2010, 6.40 pm

25 Sept 2010:

A celebration of Bill's life will be held at the San Francisco Presidio Yacht club, in mid-October. Contact the family for exact details..

At 6.40 pm, Bill Hough passed away at Kaiser, Terra Linda. He was sorrounded by his loving wife, Yasmin, his grown boys, Ben and Alden, three of his four siblings, Sherna, Brian and Bonnie and their respective spoueses/significant others, Bryn, Judy and Jim.

His passing was peaceful - he just slipped away with the only sign being the sense of relaxation of his body, and the visible flat-lining of the heart monitor. The nurse, monitoring from the station, slipped in and quietly turned off the monitors and the ventilator and he was pronounced at 6.40 pm.

His body is to be released to the Fernwood in Mill Valley during the night, and the family will make decisions on his final disposition in the next few days.

Photos of Bill on Piccassa Web


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