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Alternative energy vehicles and supplies

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"The unrestrained exploitation of natural resources is merely a symptom of an overall sickness of the human spirit. Any solutions to the environment/development crisis must, therefore, be rooted in an approach which fosters spiritual balance and harmony within the individual, between individuals, and with the environment as a whole."

Bahá'í International Community's statement for the proposed Earth Charter, 1991

Eco Transport Advice for Marin and the Bay Area.

Initially our interest was simply to create a local (Marin) supply of Biodiesel so that we could run our 1985 Mercedes Benz 300D Turbo on a renewal, non-polluting and "No War required" fuel. Lucky for us as our own plans dragged on, Lance and Campbell were able to get a tanks installed and created LC Biofuels, which was later handed on to the wonderful ladies at Biofuel Oasis in Berkly.

With a local supplier available we happily left the fray, but since we already had this web site, and enjoy the conversations it leads us to we decided to maintain it.

So now we provide free, friendly, advice for those who are interested in using alternative energies but are at a loss to know were to begin.

Having no financial interest in a particular producer or supplier, we stand ready to help you negotiate this new landscape, finding you the information you need to make your decisions.

We are friendly and approachable. Bryn is a Librarian by profession, Sherna is a professional writer and are both deeply committed to the environment.

Confused about Biodiesel, Straight Vegetable Oil (SVO), Waste Vegetable Oil (WVO), B100, B99, B20, B5? And what about EV? - This is where I think we should be headed - see my blog

Contact us and we will work with you to help you understand this new path to the future. It is not the answer to the worlds ills - just one of many that will contribute to a sustainable world along with a sensible public transportation policy, and a move away from the rampant individualistic materialism that is destroying the world.

Biofuels of Marin
email: bryn@deamer.org

Created: Jan 2006
Revised: May 2011.

UK site with a wide variety of information:

Motoring on a budget - Eco Options..


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The Biofuels of Marin Yahoo group list is a way for people interested in Biofuels (Biodiesel, SVO, WVO, Electricity, Ethanol, etc.) here in Marin to connect and hear about exciting news about biofuel.

The list is a continuation of the Marin Biofuels list created by Jason Pavao of Raw Energy co-operative, but since apparently abandoned by him. See: http://www.rawenergy.org

Santa Rosa Junior Colleges' first ever class on Electric Vehicle Conversion ran from August to Dec 2008. I took the class in an effort to better understand the possibilities. You can read the archives at:



My brother, Tony Deamer "Dokta Blong Truck" in Vanuatu:

Biofuels from Coconuts in the South Pacific - by my brother Tony Deamer.

Tony is also feature in the Introduction to a World Watch book called: "Inspiring Progress: Religions' Contributions to Sustainable Development."

It is possible to order the entire book from the Worldwatch website, at

Mechanics and other helpful people.

Our favourite MB mechanic - A young husband and wife team of Denise and Darren Collie in San Rafael:

Collie Autoworks
585 Irwin Street
San Rafael, CA 94901
Phone 415-721-7915
Fax 415-721-7924
Email info @ collieautoworks.com

Random albums:

May Madness - 24th Annual show - first Eco Category.

Serendipidous Biodiesel 4th July, 2008 Parade - Suasalito

May 2009- Opening day of Blue Sky Center for Eectric Vehicles, in Sonoma

Biofuels of Marin - The website dedicated to helping Marin (and the World) move forward to a greener future