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Photos: Day one - DET-193 - 23 August 2008

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DET - 193 Progect car - Dodge Plymouth DET - 193 Progect car - VW Rabbit
The two existing Project cars - left a little Plymoth. This is a older conversion with a DC motor that is being reworked. On the right is a VW Rabbit convertable that is being newly converted. Both cars were not ideal, because most of the work to-date has been getting the rest of the vehicle up to an acceptable level, rather than being able to move straight into the EV conversion. As a result they have been haning around for over a year - but Peter is determined to move them out quickly.
DET - 193 Progect car - VW Rabbit DET - 193 Progect car - VW Rabbit
Some of the course participants looking into what is involved in a conversion for the first time.
Below left is a view of the hole under the rear passener seat, where the fuel tank used to be, but where part of the battery pack will be installed. - Right, Peter Oliver talking to friend Mark (holding his daughter) who helped get the course off the ground and will be a guest speaker at some future classes.
DET - 193 Progect car - VW Rabbit DET-193 Class room
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