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Photos: Day eleven - DET-193 - 1 Nov 2008

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Above: Woody with the motor and controller mounted. With 8 batteries connected in series giving some 96v the motor was made to run. The single battery in the picture is the 12v "Accessary" battery.

Above Left: The layout on for the module panel of Don's Horizon.
Right: Mounting the various modules - with Trevor - a 7 year old EV expert (right)
Above Left: Look straight down on thep panal with most modules in place.
Right: The clutch, pressure plate and flywheel joined to the motor.
Above Left: a bit of creative welding in trying to make a mounting for the new front Batery Box in Don's car. (This design was scrapped the next week.)
Right: The the new front batery box to hold 12 LiFeOP4 Cells. .

Above:. Willie's nifty 50 being transformed into an EV bike. Behind the bike on the Left is Michelle's car whose batteries have been charged and discharged for the last 10 weeks in an attempt to bring them to life.

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