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Photos: Day Twelve - DET-193 - 8 Nov 2008

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Above: Left Michelle's Toyota Corolla's rear traction pack back in place and rewired.
Right: Bill Ferguson of Team Michelle adjusting the charging rate.

Above Left: IT'S ALIVE! Peter Oliver our teacher, and class mentor, Chris Jones, President NBEAA - take the car for one of four test runs with fellow students piled in [embedded from U-tube if all goes well]
Right: Under Ed's VW Cabriolet laying our the main cables from rear to front )
Above Left: New Front Battery Box of Don's bein held up in place by Katie (?) Note how it is temporarily mounted on the top of the transmision bell-housing on the right. The Motor will go under it share those mounings (cf. last week's now scrapped plan).
Right: Chris Thompson, "class welder extraordinier" tacking together the rear box
Above Left: Trevor Jones, world's youngest EV expert (although his younger sister is not far behind him!).Team Michelle kept him busy all day today retrieving dropped nuts, bolts and washers from under the car as we struggled to get our fat fingers into tight spaces!
Right: Willie's "Nifty fifty" (as we called them in Vanuatu). Note the lovely curves of the engine mounting --- hmmmm! (cf last's weeks view)

Above: Left. Component board for Don's Plymouth being wired up. These boards are tending to find homes in the old location of the ICE's (Internal Combustion Engine's) radiator which also needed a large, relatively thin, flat area within the car's design.

Right: Class member demonstrating unsafe working practices of having both hands, ungloved, on a uninsulated metal tool with some 210v, / 1,200 amps of instant death only inches away. Note to prospective students - consider taking a class in CPR! No joke - sixteen 12v batteries joined in series is a whole different beast from the single 12v battery we are all used to dealing with in our ICE vehicles.

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