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Photos: Day Thirteen - DET-193 - 15 Nov 2008

EV conversion classes: [index]

Above: Left Plymouth Horizon's Front Battery Box (BB) being fitted over the motor .
Right:.Rear BB mounting being fitted in the rear of the car.

Above ED's VW Cabriolet [cabby]-
Left: 12 v Vacum Pump (upper right corner) and Vacum chamber to provide power braking. In and ICE vehicle the vacum is taken from the inlet manifold - but there is no Inlet manifold on an EV.
Right: EV guages in place (out of focus - I'll get a better one next week - sorry) - State of Charge, Amps and Volts I think!
Above Ed's Cabby.
Left: Looks nice - but can we make it run in 3 more weeks!
Right: The floor pan painstakingly cut out of a wrecked cabby by Collin now trimmed, painted and fitted as a lid over the central BB.
Above Left: Michele's EV Toyota - At a guess I say it was sitting still while batteries were re-charged ! :)
Right: Spike's Zap Bike - The Hub motor is on the front wheel, BB in the frame. The rear is a standard 10 speed bike. The motor is a helper motor for up hill's and when one is feeling lazy - worked well once the batteries were charged.

Left. Willie and his Nifty 50 being measured up for BB
Center: The Fork lift that noby has taken and interest in - Not sexy enough? .
Right: The electric Wheel chair - not recommended for freeway use..

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