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Photos: Day Three - DET-193 - 6 Sept 2008

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EV Mustang 1966
Chris Jones Mustang 1966 EV
Chris Jone's 1996 Convertable. Perhpas not the perfect car to Electrify, but he had rebuilt it prior to his marriage and couldn't part with it. The V6 and transmision made up a large part of the weight, so replacing that weight with an adequate battery pack did not go over the total wet curb weight of the vehicle.
Mustang 1966 EV Traction pack Mustang 1966 EV Controls
Various views of the workings of the Mustang.
Above Left: the Battery pack (AKA traction pack)
Above right: the component panel where the radiator used to be.
Below Left: the Pot Box that lets the controller know what the driver wants to do - connected to the accelerator pedal
Below Right: The dashboard and to the lower right the EV "idiot" light panel
Mustang 1966 EV Pot Box Mustang 1966 EV Dash and lihght strip
Mustang 1966 EV Mustang 1966 EV adaptors
The rear end - not the re-use of the old Gas filler as the power connect.
Chris has made up a mass of adaptors to allow him to plug into practically any US electrical socket he comes accros. So far he has had to use at least half of them.
Below: Chris at the podium attempting to keep the attention of a group of very hot students!)
Chris Jones DET-193 class DET-193 Class on a hot day.
Don Price's Horizon Don Price's Horizon - rear brakes
Don Price's Horizon - 1986 DC motor
Don Price's 1980 Plymoth Horizon - Much work needs to be done on brakes, steering, suspension ,and body, before the EV refurbishment starts.

Left: The 1986 motor that will continue to be used. The car has been an EV for 22 of its 28 years of life.

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