Make Mine Electric Porch Speedster replica

Photos: Day six - DET-193 - 27 Sept 2008

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Left: The load tester unit. Basically a heater that uses power from the batteries to heat a coil, and can tell when the battery has reached a pre-slected voltages (in our case 11.5v), and a time that counts the minutes and 10th of minutes and stops when the selected battery level is reached.
Right: The battery pack being worked on - The one on the right being load tested, the one on the left being recharged.

Left: Fitting a fuse box/connector unit to Don Plymouth Horizon
Right: The "floor pan" of the "woody"
Left: Boxes of stuff that will go on the Woody.
Right: Some of the packets of parts and connectors that have to be put togethter on the Woody.
Left: Alex and the electric motor cycle from Thunderd-struck EV
Right: A close up of the motor, controller and battery pack on the bike

Left: Bill and Kyle trying the electric speedster on for siz.

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