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10 August 2008 - Sunday

I spoke with Peter Oliver early last week then sent him he details of my car so he can research it to work out if it will be a good donor car or not. Haven't followed up this week as my niece was visiting on her return to Prague from visiting her family in Australia and Vanuatu - did a quick trip to Yosemite and Monteray in our gaz-guzzling, but much loved 1989 Dodge RAM 250 Camper Van. Now if I could electrify this beast I'd be really happy! (No - it didn't snow in August in Yosemite - this was in Yellowstone in May, 2008.

27 July 2008 - Saturday

Now I'm geetting excited! Last night I sent a second message to in which I mentioned that I had signed up for the SRJC course and wondered if somebody from their firm would visit the class one Saturday (the company address is Sebastapol). Today I got an email from Peter Oliver of Make Mine Electric saying that he was actualy TEACHING the course and want to ring me on Monday to discuss using my car as the project car! Way cool.

26 July 2008 - Friday

So I've paid my $100 to Santa Rosa Junior College and am now waiting for their acceptance. The car I hope to convert is below, . If things really happen I'll crack out my digital camera and post photos as the conversion take place.:

4 July 2008

At the Marin County Fair Martin Eberhard, the creator of the Tesla Sports car tells how he researched all the alternatives, and came to the conclusion that using rechargeable Lithium Ion battery packs to run and electric car was the most efficient use of the world recourse that he could find. His simple sharing of his findings without any particular agenda makes a compelling case. e.g. - One gallon of Biodiesel poured into the tank of a VW Beatle TDI gets it a max. of 38 miles. The same gallon put through a diesel generator set, converted to Electricy and used to charge a comparable electric car would get it over 80 miles

I think I'm going to explore that option - the Santa Rosa Junior College is holding its first course on Electric vehicles conversion this fall (See the Fall, 2008 Diesel section: Course # DET 193 ). I think I'll sign up and investigate the feasibility of converting my 1988 Nissan Sentra 4WD wagon. - Bryn, July 2008

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