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DAY FOUR: Sep. 13th, 2008 - Saturday.

Day four of the Santa Rosa Junior College Course -

The class gathered for the fourth session of this new course, taught by Peter Oliver of Make Mine Electric.

The class started with an open test review for the first hour or so.

The we got down to developing project management groups for the three vehciles the class are working on. Peter had compiled a list of tasks for each of the vehicles, and invited us to choose which we would like to work on. I ended up on the already-running-but-needs-help Toyota Corolla belonging to "Michelle" which should be very interesting. We then broke up into the teams, and spent the afternoon, as will be every class from now on, working through the list of tasks.

And the end of the day, each group then presented to the others what they had acheived and what they need to continue the process next week

Ed's VW Rabbit Cabriole
John, Gary, Todd, Chris.
Has been in the workshop for over a year in a torn-down state. Now mainly needs EV fabrication and installation
Documentation, low voltage wiriing.

End of day Status: All the parts scattered throughout the car were sorted and compiled into as sensible order then the vehicle was vacumed. This made the upcoming task a lot less dauning. The rear battery box was strengthened, and a start was made on fabricating hold-downs for the front batteries.

Michele's Toyota Corolla:
Bill, Kyle, Bryn, Collin, Dax

Converted a year ago to a design by Harvey Coachworks - needs trouble shooting - has experienced grave loss of power.

End of day Status: The battery location and connections had been documented, the bateries removed, and reconnected in parallel for charging. One battery was left in the car because of the amount of work that would be needed to remove it so it will be charged in the car. A start was made on identifying the function of various switches and relays in the system. Some intitial docmentation has been started on the rest of the wiring system.

Don's Plymouth Horizon:

Kate, Henry, Willie, Pat, Tim, Mig

Still much non-EV related work to get it ready for EV work

End of day Status: The motor had been removed so the clutch could be checked, the rear battery box had been removed for more work and the front brakes and suspension had been connected. The Clutch release mechanism puzzled the team until after the presentation a fellow class member on a different team clicked to how it worked.

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Above: An amazingly rough diagram of the location and charge of the batteries in Michelle's Corolla (created in Word, then saved as a .pdf file!) Click on the thumbnail above to download in .pdf format.

Below: a similar diagram showing the battery connections

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