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DAY eight: Oct 11 th, 2008 - Saturday.

Day eight of the Santa Rosa Junior College Course -

With thanks to Dax who compiled this in my abcense (I was in Washington with my wife attending the 8th annual Bahá'í Law Conference)

Don's car:
The team was working on battery boxes ( trying to deciepher Chris's diagrams of the boxes) I believe they started cutting metal although scrambling for peices of metal around the shop for the project. they were making plans to repair the frame that was orginally cut out in the back, and they found out that the Motor was bad , and that they would have to locate a new motor, there was talk that Willy might have a similar Motor of the same size that he might donate or sell

Team harley :

with a bit of a fight they managed to get the motor off thr frame, Now they are making plans for how the compnants will fit into the frame.

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Team woody:
we put on a brake light and back up light , also a buzzer for backing up, ran a bunch of wires to the toggle switches in front, and began wiring the relays in the back of the car Peter thinks we'll be able to turn the motor next week , But I think he is overly opitimistic and it'll likely be another week.

Team michel:
We are still playing with the Batteries , it's looking lke one of the batterys may have come back to life. although I still have my doubts, so we continue to charge adn discharge the batterys , currently we are trying to blast charge them quickly up to about 15 volt but not so much that it lets the steam out of the battery.

Ed's Car:
I'm not sure what was going on with Ed's car, I know all their batterys are fully charged and waitting to be put into the car, they were working on the back I suspect they were getting they main wires ran from the front to the back

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