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DAY Ten: Oct 25 th, 2008 - Saturday.

Day ten of the Santa Rosa Junior College Course -

Mid-term exam - what fun! - and a reminder that this is an accredited Junior College course (worth 4 units after all).

Probably because of the exam more of the class turned up this week. The exam only took 30 - 40 minutes then we all went back to work.

Yamaha Mini-Enduro C.1980
We had one new project this week. Willie Kazakof (of has decide to also electrify a motor-bike, but rather than a big Harley, he's opted to convert a little Yamaha mini-trail Enduro made in the early 80's. He had owned one back then as a young lad and it really resonated with me also because it was the only bike I have ever owned. I bought the 50cc version back in 1978 and replaced it with the 80cc version a few years later. They were great little bikes and just perfect for getting around the island in Vanuautu. Somehow I didn't get a picture of it but I found a video of one on Youtube which brought back lots of happy memories!

Don's car:

The motor underwent a $450 refurbishment and looks great. So it was mated up with the clutch housing and flywheel, but one of the bolts sheared off, and examination of others showed they had been over-torqued at some time, so new ones are being purchased to replace them all. Meanwhile a good start was made on fabricating the battery boxes. (see photos)

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Team woody:

Woody found a second life during the week when Peter took it to the week long class at the Solar Living Institute that he was teaching. For that it was nicely painted, and served them well.

One thing learned there was that putting it on blocks to get it off the floor made it easier to work on so we did that here also.

The motor was fitted, the basic wires connected and 12 battiers borrowed from Ed's and Michelle's car. Low and behold, we actually got the motor to turn on, start, rev up, revers and do everything it was meant to to. Only flaw was that we did not manage to make the brake light come on when the engine was regenerating. Peter plugged in his laptop and we could monitor the amps being used, the RPM and even the spike of returning amps on regeneration. .

Ed's Car:
High voltage wiring was instaled from the rear battery pack to the central pack. The cables from the controller to the motor were connected, but we hit a snag in trying to fit the cable shield into the controller in the approved manner. By the end of they day this was still not acheived.

Team Harley :
The bike looks a little sad all stripped down, but a great start was made in fabricating cardboard battery mock-ups and even a motor mock-up to plan the layout of the motor and batteries. The chasis had also been pressure cleaned.

Team Michelle:

The battery charging never ends but we hope by next week to get them all back in the car fully charged and ready to test the next weakest link in the system.

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