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DAY Eleven: Nov. 1st, 2008 - Saturday.

Day eleven of the Santa Rosa Junior College Course -

Yamaha Mini-Enduro C.1980
Willie Kazakof (of worked alone on his Mini Enduro, getting the motor mounted during the course of the day.

Don's car:

Much work took place on on fabricating the battery boxes. (see photos), and creative support structures. The clutch pressure plate bolts have been specially ordered but had not yet arrived, so the motor could not be installed yet. The space for the rear battery box was cut and cleaned up ready for its fabrication.

Team woody:

Woody was left alone this week. .

Ed's Car:
Peter managed to get the motor/controller cable connected properly. Once that was done the internal connections could be worked on which involved cutting the three cables shorter and re-terminating them. Further work took place on wiring up the solenoides, switches and what-have you on the main panel, and more cables where pulled through the conduit from the back and middle traction packs to the front.

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Team Harley :
No team members where here today so no work was done..

Team Michelle:

Unbelievably 10 weeks of charging and discharging batteries - and it continued again.

HOWEVER, Peter had been in contact with Michelle about options, and she was interested to have them researched

So Peter led the remaining three of us through the process of deciding "what if". i.e. What if we used 96 3.3v LiFeP04 cells producing 300v. So we had a flurry of activity in checking the ability of the car to hold 96 cells, and what components would need to be changed to cope with ~ 300 v. As a result we determined that 72 batteries could be installed with no changes to the existing battery boxes, but with the addition of another box in the trunk to contain 12 more cell. This would give a voltage of ~ 238, and a range of about 60miles (3x the current range with her 196v, 16 x 12v Lead Acid batteries)

In fact the only component that is not capable of taking the extra voltage is the DC-DC converter.

A basic layout was created, and designes for the modification to the batter boxes to hold down 72 cells instead of 16 batteries need to be created.

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