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DAY 12: Nov. 8th, 2008 - Saturday.

Day twelve of the Santa Rosa Junior College Course -

Yamaha Mini-Enduro C.1980

Willie Kazakof (of continued to work alone on his Mini Enduro designing the battery box. During the week he nicely sculptured the engine mounting plate. This should be a really fun little machine when it is finished. I think I'll duplicate his effort myself.

Don's car (1982 Plymouth Horizon):

Work continued on fabricating the rear battery box. Last week's creative support structure for the front battery box was scrapped as being too long and unweildy. Instead, the battery box is going to be mounted directly onto the motor, so new brackets were designed and fabricated. The clutch pressure plate bolts arrived but were the wrong ones so the motor could still not be installed. Much of the rear battery box was "tacked" together, but will not be completely welded until it is sure that it will fit into the rear of the car easily.

Team woody:

Woody was left alone again this week.

Ed's Car (VW Cabriolet)

Jumper cables were cut and "terminated" to connect each battery in the rear and central battery boxes. The cables from the rear to the front, and the conduit they are encased in, were neatly aligned along the old route of the (now removed) exhaust pipe. Wiring continued on the module panel, and good progress was made on sorting out the 12v wiring under the hood and dash. Many of those wires now left over used to go to items that no longer exist - fuel guages, Oil pressue, water temperature warning lights and the like..

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Team Harley :
No team members where here again today, so no work was done.

Team Michelle:

During the week Peter decided to advise Michelle that we would put her existing battery pack back in and recommend that we install a BMS for her.

So after 11 weeks of charging and discharging her batteries, they were loaded onto a large cart, wheeled back to her car, and shoe-horned back into place. We decided to remove battery #8 which is in a very difficult place to get to and replace it with one of her spare batteries which is in excellent condition to avoid having to remove the entire front traction pack should #8 fail.

Once installed they were reconnected as per the diagrams made on the 3rd day and an exciting moment ensued when the car moved forward and back 6". A manual for the charger was downloaded from the web, and adjustments were made to the charging levels until ~210v were registering at the main posts.

Then, with Peter at the wheel, and the remaining three menbers of Team Michelle (Dax, Bill and Bryn) riding shot gun, the car was driven out of the facility and taken on a 3 mile run around the block including half a mile on 101. Accelaration up to 20mph was impressive, but then grew more leisurely until a top speed of 51mph was reached on the freeway. Definately a town-only car for the moment.

The State of Charge (SOC) guage did not work initially but then kicked itself back into shape later. Three more groups of students were taken on the route so all the students could experience the "electric grin". A total of 12 miles was driving after which 191v was recorded at the posts, and the SOC indicated 75% remained. This would suggest that another 10-12 miles of range remained in the battery. During the week the pack will be recharged

Yea team!!

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