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DAY fifteen: Decmber 5th, 2008 - Saturday.

Day fiftee of the Santa Rosa Junior College Course -

I had to leave a couple of hours early, so I wasn't there for the team reports.

The class started with a pretty wide ranging discussion about who ultimately is responsible for the situation where there big banks are getting bailed out, but the big three US car manufacturers are having to grovel. Who buys the car? - and what power do we as consumers have to force the manufactures to give us what WE want, and not what they like to build?

Obviously the participants in the class are not your usual petrol heads, but deeply thoughtful, and committed to bringing about a better world. If along the way we can carve out a living for ourselves then all the better. "Doing Well by Doing Good", as the old adage goes.

Yamaha Mini-Enduro C.1980 .
Williw was working away on the bike but I'll have to wait until next week to see report on the progress..

Don's car (1982 Plymouth Horizon)
Battery box fabrication again seem to take up most of the day. However, new cells were unboxed and laid out to charge. Tim was last seen tidying up the component board and taling about instaling it - but I didn't see it in by 3pm.

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Ed's Car (VW Cabriolet)

Only one team member turned up, and he was busy all day but I'm not sure what on! While we were waiting for the Toyota's 12V system battery to charge I took a turn on the Cobriolet and help install two 250 amp fuses in the traction pack - learning how to cut, bare, crimp and shrink wrap connection - a very useful thing to learn in the EV world!

Team Michelle:

After the last class' ingomious end, the challenge was to find out why the car died.

Attention was focused on the 12v battery which was found to be about as flat as a bettery can get with only 2.4V in it. This battery should be getting charged by the DC to DC converter. So attention was focused on tracing the wiring and current, and it was determined that although ~200v was going into the converter nothing was coming out.

DX? a dead DC-DC converter.

With the 12v battery flat, the 12v relays naturally shut down, taking out the power supply from the battery pack to the Controllor and motor.

With only one week to go will we solve the problem? Stay tuned!

No photos today

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