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DAY Sixteen: Decmber 12th, 2008 - Saturday.

Day sixeen and Finals of the Santa Rosa Junior College Course - DET-193. ELECTRIC VEHICLE CONVERSION.

The class started with a review of the Battery managment systems, followed by our big final exam covering the entire unit's course.

After the exam we got to work on the cars, breaking for an extended barbeque lunch in honour of the final day. We were joined for lunch by Dr. Steven Cohen - Dean I Business CIS Off Campus Programs, Academic Affairs - , and the department chair Jim Kelly. We had quite a discussion on their plans future of the course. This first course was really aimed at the hobbyist, but future courses will need to allow for professionals in the field who are getting ready for the big changes in the field of Automotive technology that are now on the horizon.

Following the BBQ and discussion we got back to work for the last time. By the end of the day the following was reporated.

Yamaha Mini-Enduro C.1980 .

Willie bike had the battery box mounted, the controller (a loaner that doesn't work) mounted, and the frame was nicely painted. The motor was back in place. Willie has promised to send photos of it as it is completed, so the story is not over yet.

Don's car (1982 Plymouth Horizon)

In a big final push, the cells that had been charged during the week were connected into four units, and strapped together. The four units were then placed in the battery boxes, connected together and connected to the controller. However, by the end of the day, despite everything being connected, we were not seeing any action at the wheels.

To be continued by the next class pehaps - or some work over the the holidays.

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Ed's Car (VW Cabriolet)

Final connections were all made, the computer was hooked up and to everybody's joy, the motor and wheels actually turned. However, they did so very slowly and with a strange grinding noise. Yet the wheels can be spun by hand quite easily. So like the Plymouth there is some tweaking to do.

Team Michelle:

Michelle has some decisions to make about replacing the battery pack. Depending on what she decides a new DC-DC unit will need to be installed to match the voltage of the new pack. So since those decisions were pending all we did today was to recharge the 12V Accessory Battery.


So at the end of the 16 classes there is a lot of unfinished business. But as the first class on the subject we, and the school, learnt a lot about what is needed, and how to proceed. It is acknowledged that too much time was spent in this class on non-ev work on the two vehicles, especially the Plymouth, so future classes may focus more quickly on construction of a "Woody" type set up which will the put into a chassis.

Future classes will go far and see further from being able to "stand on our shoulders".

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