4th July Parade - Sausilto - 2008

Pure serendipity brought Johnston and Mari, and Sherna and I to 4th St. Sausalito at the same time. We did a double take when we saw the mirror image of our own car coming towards us. I was dropping Sherna (my wife) and her sister Bonnie off to take part in the "Humming Toad Fish Marching Kazoo Band" put together by the association of "Floating Homes, Sausalito, CA"

Mari Tamburo had invited her friend Johnston to be the in the parade as a
"Vehicle for Change" to publicize her program of using Music as a vehicle of change in society. That's Mari standing, left.
The sign in the window of their car says "Happy Independance from Foreign Oil Day"
Another sign on side of their car said:
"Running on 100% Waste Vegetable oil! -
Can you smell it Mr. Bush?".
(Robert, Johnston and Mari inside the car left)
I followed them and was followed in turn by a local kindergarten (right) who were greatful that their kids were only breathing in cooking oil fumes as they tagged along behind us.
I ended up with Maxell the three legged wonder dog who's goofy face hanging out the side attracted more attention than the car - oh well!. Then I picked up Mia, a young neighbour of Bonnie who sat on the top of the car and was joined by Maxwell -
Basically a great time was had by all - and we should get the entire alternative powered vehicle group into the next parade! -