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Sherna and Bryn Deamer, CA, U.S.A 


After 19 years in Haifa, Israel, volunteering at the Bahá'í World Centre Bryn and Sherna Deamer left on 24 June 2002 for the U.S.A. traveling  overland from Cranston, RI to  San Rafael, CA., arriving here on the 1 September 2002. Since then they have thrown themselves wholeheartedly into their new community.

Sherna and Bryn in Haifa.

Who Are we?  Biographical sketches available here

Web logs:
more than you ever wanted to know about Bryn and Sherna in Marin - <grin> )

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Weblog 2012/13  Not much here!  After Adobe was phased out and replaced by DreamWeaver I lost control of my websites... Also life got busier!

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Trip albums

South Dakota - May, 2017 (post Convention)

Around the World -  May, June 2014

Baja Mexico - Feb 2103 - in our camper van

The Carribean - The Hough Family has a reunion on a Cruise ship in the Caribbean - March 2011 (Google album archive)

Vanuatu - August 2010 (Googe album archive)

Sydney, Australia - August 2010 (Google album archive)

Uralu, Australia - August 2010 (Tony's 60th Birthday trip) (Google album archive)

Perth, Australia - August 2010 (Google album archives)

Costa Rica - Feb 2010 (on Picassa Web)

East Africa - Zanzibar, Serengeti, Kenya - March 2009

National Park/Monument Meander - April/May 2008

Jordan, Egypt and Israel - October / November 2007

Vanuatu - July 2005

Penny and Dad in Marin and San Francisco - Dec. 2004

Cabo Pulmo, Mexico - December 2004

Peru - March 2004

Vanuatu - February 2004.

Journey across the U.S.A.

The first half of the diary of the account of our trip across Canada and U.S.A. will continue to be archived at - the second half got lost when GeoCities died before I could save it.

Journey across America - June/Sep 2002.

Other items of interest

Art work by Hooper C. Dunbar

Our much loved Mr. Dunbars web site of his paintings at

Artwork of Rachel Collins
Rachel, who cofounded the Bahá'í World Centre Library along with her husband William (Bill), found a wonderful talent in art!

Some background Web Sites: Bahá'í resources from the Bahá'í Computer User's Association. Bahá'í Index - portal to all things Bahá'í - Where Bryn used to work - and also the site of a collection of Bahá'í writings.

  • - Service at the Baha'i World Centre, official site - Beautiful presentation in commemoration of the 150th anniversary of the incarceration of Baha'u'lláh in the Siyah-Chal. - the Architecture of Fariborz Sahba

  • Pictures of the Bahá'í Holy places in Israel.

  • Other sites of interest:
  • www.FetchBook.Info - Compare new & used books prices - Scan 62 book stores in a click.
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