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Sherna and Bryn Deamers weblog archive.  2004

Christmas day

The other annual event of the season is the gathering of the Hough clan which intersects with the Deamer clan through the marriage of Sherna and Bryn. This time we had Penny with us, so two Deamers were represented. Below is a stitched together photomontage of the clan at dinner!

More photos of the Christmas day event.

California Hough clan montage

November 13 2004.

The inner circle of the Hough Family

Bonnie Hough with Her Mum in front of her siblings Bill, Sherna, Brian and Sam
at Bonnie's "Californian Women Lawyer of the Year" Award ceremony
in Monteray, October 2004

This is becoming a quarterly updated - well never mind. Mainly I just use it as an alternative to the "annual-letter". When somebody from long ago gets in contact again and asks: "So what have you been doing in the last few years?", we can say: "Well if you really want to know, see our web page!"

So what happened in the last quarter? The big news is that Sherna's sister Bonnie was presented with the Californian Women Lawyer of the Year award which was presented in Monteray. All her family was there to witness the event - siblings, nieces and nephews and one great niece.

The extended Hough Clan

This award came just one week after she received an award for services rendered to the low income inhabitants of the Fresno County, CA. Sherna an I went to both award ceremonies in the Camper Van and stayed an extra day. One weekend in the Fresno area including a night in the Sequoia National Park which was really beautiful, and the next weekend in the Monteray area. The entire family camped out in a beautiful house up the coast from Santa Cruz, where visitors and families came and went for the whole time.

On a sillier note Sherna and I picked up an old 1977 Mercedes Benz Diesel. The body is excellent but the engine is shot, so I'm casting around for a secondhand engine. It runs, but there is heaps of "blow-by" (burning gases that slip past the pistons into the crankcase, burning the oil there and creating all sorts of dangerous, noxious fumes). The idea is to run it on Bio-diesel. She would like to do her 64 mile daily commute in something that that isn't depleting the World's recources. There is a Bio-diesel co-op in Sanoma just north of us which we plan to join soon. They'll help locate suitable engines, as well as purifying the vegetable oils left over from Kentucky Fried Chicken etc. Should be fun.

1977 Mercedes Benz 240D infront of the Golden Gate Bridge
The MBwith the Golden Gate in the background.

2 August, 2004:

It's been a busy year, and ever since we got back from Peru and I started working again at the hospital I've been starting at 6.00 am. I thought that would give me lots of time in the afternoon to work on Web stuff, but after a day on the computer I find I can't bear to spend more of a lovely sunny afternoon on another computer!

Sherna is at work at the Court in Martinez, Ca, and still enjoying it immensely. She was very gratified that the entire court web site is being redesigned to match the site that she developed - a nice case of the tail wagging the dog.

Sunday, 25 July 2004:

Bryn turned 50 on Sunday 18 July - That day we were high in the Sierra Mountains out the back of Yosemite. However the local community had party for me on Sunday 24th July at which a special family known to any body who served at the Bahá'í World Centre between 1978 and 2001 turned up. Tony, Kaff and Asmara Conroy are in town for their son - Toby's - wedding. Tony is also going to have back surgery on August 6 in Los Angeles, so we wish him well.

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