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29 December 2005.

Penny Deamer arrived a couple of hours ago (17:20, Thursday 29 December from Port Vila Vanuatu, via Fiji and Los Angeles. She stays with us for just one day, then heads on to Georgetown, Guyana, by way of San Francisco, Miami, and Barbados.

August to December 28, 2005

Another 5 months have flown by - Mainly it has been just work, and dealing with Sherna's Breast Cancer. She had a Lumpectomy in August, and has been undergoing Chemo through all of September, October and now November. The prognossis is excellent - and she is going through the chemo with flying colours. In fact she seems to have been more active, especially with the Marin Interfaith Council than she was before.

But we did manage to have one silly weekend:
"The Seven Bridge Mad Dash"
October, 29-30 2005.

Starting from San Rafael, we drove south on hwy 101 over the
  1. Golden Gate Bridge, wound our way through San Francisco to the
  2. Bay Bridge, then South to the
  3. San Mateo/Hayward Bridge, further south again on 101 to the
  4. Dunbarten Bridge, north through Hayward and the Oakland hills (sleeping the night in the van), then North East to Martinez where Sherna works, and on to the
  5. Benicia Bridge, west to the
  6. Carquinez Bridge, then South West to Richmond and back home over the
  7. Richmond/San Rafael Bridge.

It was a lot of fun as only people who know Sherna and I could understand.

(Map Courtesy of Google.)

San Francisco Bay from the Oakland Hills - Golden Gate Bridge far off in the haze.

July 2005

Trip home to Vanuatu:

22 June 2005

6 more weeks have flown by. We had a wonderful weekend in the Yosemite National Park near the Hetch-Hetchy resevior at the "Strawberry Music festival", and last Sunday (19th June) went to see Olkahoma performed in an out-door amphitheater - the 92 annual "mountain play" on the side of our local mountain, Mt. Tamalpais. It was a spectacular day - just as well i left my camera at home.

Now we are getting ready for a trip "home" to Vanuatu to spend some time with my Mum. We should be back in July. I still haven't finished writing up our spectacular Peru trip of over a year ago! Where does the time go!

9 May 2005.

Sherna's interreligious activities yeilded a wonderful fruit last month with the holding of a special Public Ridvan Celebration. (click on the link for her report)

Mother's day - Also not usually a big day on my Calendar..- but another photo-op. Sherna had just got back from an American Bar
Association Conferenc in Austin Texas, but still managed to put together a lovely spread. She is wearing a dress sent to her by Florence Barnabas Bett, from Eldorat Kenya. Bonnie (Sherna's sister) and Jim (Bonnies husband spent a week there in April and had a wonderful time with Florence and Barnabas. Barnabas had worked with Bryn in the Bahai World Centre Library may years ago, and we spend a few days with them enroute to the 50th anniversary of the opening of Uganda and Sub-Saharan Africa to the Faith, back in 2001.
The Hough Spouses: - Bryn, Jim and Yasmine.
The Hough clan: Bill, Bonnie, Margaret, Sherna and Max the three legged fluff ball.,

17 Feburary 2005.

Valentines day - Not normally a big day on my personal calendar, but this year it was kind of sweet because Sherna surprised her Mum by having a Barber shop Quartet come and sing to her! She seemed to enjoy it immensley.

Barber Shop Quartet Margaret Hough
Hough ladies in audience
Above: Margaert Hough sitting in her wheel chair received as a Christmas gift. She find it comfortable, supportive in the back, and easy to get out of because it is not as low as her normal chairs. But we've never actually taken her for a spin in it yet.

Left: Marge, Yasmin Hough and Sherna Deamer also enjoying the show.

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