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Sherna and Bryn Deamer's weblog  2006

January 2006

Friday 13
th saw a tragedy in the extended Deamer family - Jim Pfieffer, husband to Sherna's sister Bonnie went missing, and was found drowned in a creek on the Marin Headlands some 25 hours later.

Photo: Jim Pfieffer (right) and son, Michael Pfieffer at the family's Christmas party.

Bonnie's Message about Jims' passing, and more photos:
Scenes from the Rescue efforts>>>

July 2006

Photos of the Vanuatu's Deamer's latest addition - Shay Deamer.
Right: Shay Deamer with his Grandfather Tony Deamer, Port Vila Vanuatu.

Below: Shay and Uncle Parviz.

April 2006.

Barnabas and Florence Kipkoria Bett with children Shahnaz and baby Bryn.

Barnabas work with Bryn in the Bahai World Centre Library in Haifa Israel in the 1980's. In April a mutual friend visited Kenya on United Nations business and Barnabas and Florence travelled with their two children to meet her giving her gifts and greetings to take back to Sherna and Bryn in San Rafael.

Febuary 4, 2006

A memorial Service for Jim Pfieffer, Husband of Sherna Deamer's sister, Bonnie, is being held today at St Andrew's Presbyterian Church in Marin City.

Jim drowned in a hiking accident on the Marin Headlands on Friday 13 January, and was found after an exstensive Search and Rescue effort located his dog some 24 hours later, and shortly afterwards found his body in a stream.

Go to: Photos of Jim, and the Search and Rescue efforts

Our year in brief (highlights only):

Jan 29th: Bonnie treated Bryn and Sherna to a mud treatment at the Lincoln St. Spa in Callestoga.

Feb 3th. Sherna undergoes her last Chemo-therapy session for breast cancer.

Feb 4th:
Memorial Service and Wake for Jim Pfieffer.

Feb 5th: Friends and Family of Jim walk the trail that he is presumed to have tried to take when he became lost.

Feb 11th: We visit the Vedanta Retreat at Olema in West Marin, then go to Limatour beach.

Feb 13 -19th: Bryn and Sherna fly to Maui to celebrate the end of her chemo-therapy and before she starts her daily radiation treatments. We rent a Bio-diesel Powered Volkswagen Beatle for most of the time, Bryn rides down Haleakala, drove to Hana and stayed one night there, visiting the lava tube cave. Continued on around the island and up the other coast to Waikuku, went snorkling, then out on Sunset Cruise with Pacific Whale foundation and saw lots of whales.

Mar 7th: Sherna starts her daily radiation therapy.

Mar 29th- Apr 2nd: Sherna goes to Equal Justice Conference in Philadelphia with Bonnie. Bryn flew over on Friday night Mar, 31. Sam Hough joined us from Providence Rhode Island, and we visited sites associated with the Hough's early years in Philadelphia - Eagles Nest hotel, Chestnut hill, Valley Forge.

May 4th. Sherna finishes radiation treatments!

May 5th-7: Trip to Mt. Shasta in Camper van to celebrate end of radiation treatments. Stayed first night at East Park Resevoir (Lake Ladoga) near Stonyford. Watched the Stonyford Rodeo parade after a breakfast in the community hall. Drove on to Mt. Shasta, and Sherna rode a bicycle 10 miles down Mt. Shasta (since she missed doing that in Maui). Bryn followed in the camper. Stayed that night at Lake Siskiyou. Visited Lake Shasta, then down hwy 99 to Chico, and around the Sutter Buttes, and along the Sacramento river back home.

May 13-14: Exstaff Reunion at Bosch Bahá'í School. We only went for Saturday evening and Sunday as Sherna had Mediation training all Friday and Saturday morning. On arrival home went out to Stafford lake to meet up with Bill and Jasmin and her friends for a picnic.

May 19-20 Sherna continued Mediation training. Bryn Joined the group for dinner on the Friday night.

May 29 - Annual Memorial day retreat at Vedanta Society with Bob Phillips, the Bahá'í speaker sharing the session with the Vedanta society. Sherna was part of the planning group for this event. Some 800 people attended.

Jun 4: Attended Paul Gaffney's ordination as a Christian priest in Layfatte. The Rev Paul is the head of the Marin Interfaith Street/homeless chaplaincy.

Jun 10: San Rafael Renasiance street fair. Kayvan Momeni painted a section on behalf of the Bahá'í community of San Rafael - we helped a little.

Jun 11: Went to the Mountain play on Mt. Tamalpais to see "Fiddler on the Roof". Wonderful location for the production. We took two cars and our bikes, leaving one car at the base of the mountain. However, Sherna and Bonnie decided not to ride down, so Bryn went alone back down to the 2nd car at lake Lagunitas. Quite a trip.

Jul 1-4: Tony Deamer stopped in for a short stay on return from a Red Cross Conference in Switzerland. Visited the Bay Area Biodiesel production facility in Martinez.

Jul 7: Went to see "Who Killed the Electric Car" in Mill Valley - A very sad true story of entrenched powers killing a hopeful technology.

Jul 8: Went to Bosch for the afternoon and evening only to take part in the "Ocean of Llight" Bahá'í session - designed and run by Pacific Islanders.

Jul 21 - 23: Trinity Alps camping trip in the van. Drove up Thursday night, got in late at night to the Wiskeytown marina. Had brunch Friday morning in Weaverville, then drove to Trinity Dame via Louiseville, then back to Weverville and visited Donna Regnani at the Court and she and Sherna compared notes about Self Help Law Centers. Spent Friday night on the Trinity river. Saturday drove on down to the Coast to Eureka and spent the night at Pigeon Point. Sunday walked on the Beach out to the South Jetty of Eureka, and stopped at Lolita Cheese factory. Started off home on 101, but extremely high temperatures on that route so we headed back down to the coast via Fort Bragg.

Jul 29- Aug 9: Sherna took two weeks off and stayed in the Camper Van in West Marin in various locations. Penny Hough flew out from Providence to look after Margaret. Bryn went to work each morning, but each evening drove out and found Sherna where ever she was that day. A lovely week with long late evenings in the beauty of West Marin - Pt. Reyes etc. Happened upon the Pt. Reyes lighthouse on the one night that they were doing a special event of lighting the old light.

Aug 10 - 13: Association for Bahá'í Studies Conferenc in Burlingame. Sherna had been asked to help with publicity so was able to attend for free.

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