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Sherna and Bryn Deamer's weblog  2007

Our year in brief (highlights only):

Dec: We must have done something...!


Pilgrimage to Haifa via Jordan and Egypt - see those pages for the full details



7-9th. We headed down the coast on the beautiful HWY 1 to the Bosh Bahai School in the Santa Cruz mountains for a session with Dan and Linda Popov : The Power of Creativity: Crafting Your Vision a Virtues Project retreat desinged to help the participants receive five strategies for planning a life of grace and discerning their true calling at this time in their life. "Through prayer, meditation, consultation, art, music, and writing, participants will create a crystal clear personal vision with an action plan to bring it to life." We felt we need this help in crafting our vision for the future before we go on Pilgrimage in October of this year, so that we can both be praying about the same things. With Sherna's mother now apparently quite happily ensonced in The Redwoods we can make decisions about how to serve the Cause at this time.

Speaking of Margaret at the Redwoods, today, 9th September, was the first of her series of lessons on the Bahá'í Faith. She is truly finding her feet there and becoming a valuable and valued member of that community with much to offer. (See for a report of this event)

8, 9 and 10. We got into the old Camper van and headed down to Cupatino on Friday night, sleeping in a State park down there. The next morning walked into the old town, and out to the end of the Jetty and had breakfast. Sherna realised that she had done the same think some 40 years ago, but could never remember exatly where it was. After breakfast we headed on to the Steinbek national museum in Salinas which was quite fascinating - then on into Monterey via Carmel valley. We booked into the 2nd last space in the Vetran's Memorial Park Campground and head into town - right into the middle of Auto-week!

Four Auction houses were auctioning of antique and modern sports cars - they sold some $60,000,000 USDollars worth of vehciles during the weekend. It was quite a sight:

After breakfast in Carmel we went on to visit the Carmel Mission. It is really a lovely place - and yet for some reason we had never visited it before.

6-9th: We take the old Van out for a trip - camping at Lake Almanor, and driving around the Lassen national park. We tried to make contact with the Bahá'í community of Chico for the Martrydom of the Báb, but had the wrong phone number so had our own little commemoration in Bidwell Park

Mid July: A memorial was held for a member of the local Bahá'í communty, Jodie Timms who passed away earlier in the month. Her family held it at "Hearts Desire Beach" in the Point Reyes National Seashore reserve. It was a beautiful day and the family did a lovely job of remembering their Mum, wife, and Grandma

Hearts Desire Beach was one of Jodie's favourite place to take her kids, so it was really wonderful for them all to get together there with thier families. Above is the four daughters looking out over the bay.

One of the sweetest things of the day was when the family gathered at the lookout and one of them made up songs about the rest of the family on the spot.

30th: Margaret Hough moves into "The Redwoods" for a 6 month trial period. Sherna and I stay in the house keeping it up and running in case she needs to return

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