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Sherna and Bryn Deamer's weblog  2008

November, 2008:

Doing two completely different courses at once has proven a bit much, but we've managed to keep our sanity. Every Saturday since August I've driven the 40 miles north to Santa Rosa to attend the class on EV Conversion. Every second Saturday, Sherna comes with me so we take the camper van and stay out somewhere pretty. While I'm in class, Sherna is reading books on law to get herself prepared to start a PHD in Comparitive Judicial Systems. Then on the Sunday morning wherever we are, we study together, with me writing up my EV class Blog then then spending a few hours studying Medical Terminology ready for the weekly online test each Sunday.
On the alternative Saturday's Sherna has been helping out with the First Marin Neighborhood children's class which is proving a real joy. Up to 20 children being brought by their parents to the outdoor class on the lawn in the middle of a housing estate. So far we have been blessed with sunshine every day.


Zina Deamer visits us for a week and we get to take her all over the place! See some Photo... She and Bryn both buy new Mac's.

Bryn started a course in Electric Car Converions at the Santa Rosa Junior colleges as well as Medical Terminology at the Santa Barbara City College by web.


The fourth of July is a big celebration over here in the U.S., and Bonnie invited Sherna to join her in the Humming Toad Marching Kazoo Band in the Sausalito parade. While dropping them off Bryn met up with a twin of their own car that was in the parade and ended up tagging along.


Starting to plan for our future - part of which will be building a rentable apartment under the house which should help pay the mortgage. Sherna and Bonnie have taken out a mortgage to distribute the value of the house among their siblings as per Tutu's will. While building, we will also put a second bathroom in upstairs so that we can rent out a room to a Dominican College student more easily - also to help with the mortgage!


Settling down into a life with out Tutu. Just Sherna and I together again - like it was for 19 years in Israel.

Jan - April:

The first part of this year was spent primarily looking after Margaret Hough as she entered the last stage of her life following a mechanical fall in which she broke her hip. See Tutu for all the details

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