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July to December, 2009:

The major effort for the rest of the year went into getting an apartment built under the house. The final product is a nice little unit, but the process was pretty painful.

April/May June, 2009:

Back to work - life as usual. We dropped in on the 2nd class of the Electric Vehicle Conversion program at Santa Rosa Junior college, and took some photos, and on 30th May attended the Grand opening of the Blue Sky Electric Vehicle cooperative Center in Sonoma. Bryn got a new boss at work, Sherna's office had staffing changes leaving the with just 3 in the office

Most importantly the Bahá'í community in Marin was elevated to a "B " cluster, and started on their first expansion "cycle" with a kick-off reflection meeting last night (Saturday June 13th.) Unfortunately, Sherna's Brother Bill is in the ICU at Kaiser, Terra Linda undergoing chemo-therapy for Leukemia. Senior Brother, Sam, and wife Penny are flying in this week, then there is a round of wedding for nephews Aden and Travis in the coming weeks - so we'll be missing much of the excitment of the first cycle of expansion here in Marin..

March, 2009:

Sherna's big mid-decade Birthday was coming up (14 March) and she didn't want to sit around a house in San Francisco with her brothers and sister making jokes about how old she was. So she started planning a trip to Marrakhesh, Zanzibar and Cape Town. However, a quick look at the map of Africa and the Airline routes showed that we'd be spending more time in the air going from the North West Corner, to the Eastern edge and down to the Southern tip, than we would on the ground. So we cut it back to three weeks in East Africa - Zanzibar, Kilimanjaro, the Serengeti, Lake Victoria, and finished off at the Deamer Academy in Western Kenya near Eldoret.

See the East Africa 09 Album for photos.
Sunday March 9: Sherna Boarding the Precision Air flight from Nairobi to Dar El Salaam.

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