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August to Dec. 2011..

continuing the Hough family visit theme, we flew to San Diego for a 4 day weekend with Alden, , and Laley. Alden is Sherna's oldest Nephew who spend 3 months working in Haifa after be his Grandmother's companion on Pilgrimage way back int the late 1990's.

October we spent a week in Rhode Island with Penny and Sam. It was a lovely genteel week of books, culture and potting around the lovely fall countryside!

August we did a trip to Bend Oregon, going up the Oregon coast then inland to spend some time with Ben, Nicole, Myles, Isabella, and Lauren. Lauren is a lovely young lady and took us around the town on a bike tour. Sherna used the electric bike that I had aquired in July.

July 2011 - Pismo Beach trip.

Pictures here

July 15 to 19. Took 2 days off work combined with the weekend for a four day camping van trip for my 57th birthday. We left as soon as we could after work and headed south joining Hwy 101 at San Jose, stopping at Gilroy - the World's Garlic Capital, for a lovely dinner at the "Garlic City Cafe" getting there just before they closed. After dinner, continued heading south for a couple of hours then got off the highway around midnight to find a spot to sleep for the night, and stumbled accross Nacimiento Lake campground where the lake is full of water for the first time in many years. Slept the night, went to the Dragon Lake Grill for breakfast and continued on to San Luis Obisbo - a lovely university town with a lot of charm and activity - and one of the many Spanish Missions built in the mid-1700's.

After lunch on the revamped creekside terrace we headed on to Pismo Beach and checked in at the abysmal Holidy RV resort - the most cramped and expensive RV place we have ever stayed - but at least they had responded to us saying they had space so, unusual for us, I had booked and paid for it in advance as everywhere else said they were full. They had a heated pool, a jaccuzzi, and the space we got was very close the the shower block - so we survived.. We only slept there at night and for us that was fine. Pismo Beach township is pretty boring unless one drinks, wants a tatoo or go to nightclubs and gambles! But it made a good base from which to explore the surroundings. We rode our bikes to the pier, then Sunday morning while Sherna was sleeping in I rode along the beach to the sand dunes which are a vehicular recreation area and crowded with beach buggies, dune buggies, ATRs, motor bikes and the like. When I got back, we made a pancake breakfast, then explored up the coast looking for the Avila Hot Springs.

Avila Beach and San Luis Harbor and wharf turned out to be really beautiful - and they have a first come first serve RV camping site right along the beach front - good to remember for next time. The hot springs were a couple of miles away from the beach - a funky little place opened in 1907, and reminicient of Hamat Gader Hot Springs in Israel Circe 1983 - before they were fully developed! Pretty cheap too at only $8 each (senior prices - over 55 - Yikes!). A lovely bike trail joined the springs with the beach, but being Sunday it was pretty crowded, so we motored on up to Morro Bay for a look see.

Monday morning we went on the kayak tour with Central Coast Kayaks and had a lovely time, then headed to the Avila Hot Springs for lunch. We soaked and slept, rode the bikes to Avila Beach then returned and soaked again. Had dinner in the van on the beach front, followed by s'mores - toasted marshmallows, chocolate and grahm crackers. A really lovely day all-round.

Tuesday we slept in a bit, then looked at new (expensive!) camper vans, bought some parts for ours, then headed back home along Hwy 1 through the Big Sur area and made it home by sunset. We love our old camper van.

May 2011

May 14 - At home, the Mother's attending our children's class started on the first book of the Ruhi course with the quote "The betterment of the World can be accomplished through pure and goodly deeds, through commendable and seemly conduct", involving the creation of a montage of images illustrating that fact. The use of the arts in the Ruhi process has always been encouraged, and Sherna was particularly motivated by a dream where four dear friends who have all passed on during the last decade, and who where all immensely artistically creative in various fields, turned up on our doorstep asking if they can help with the class. The firends were John Kavelin, John Rushford, Lois Goebel and Roger White.

May 2nd, being our 27th Wedding anniversary, we took the traditional couple of days off and headed for the Desert in our Van. In Israel, we could do that in 3 hours but here it took us some 10 hours to get anywhere. In the end we drove some 1,300 miles in 3/12 days - a bit too much for Sherna, but I loved it. We just have to find some pretty destinations where we can stay for a while to make the driving worth it for Sherna - but the distances are so great that getting places similar to Ein Gedi or Mitzpe Ramon in Israelmeans days of driving in the US.

Jan/February/March/April 2011

Continue to hold Children and "mums" classes at our home every Saturday. Attendence fluctuates but the children really like it with one mother reporting that her daughter wouldn't stop crying on one cold wet day when she thought the family wasn't going to come.

In March, Bonnie Hough treated all her siblings and spouses to a 7 day Carribean Cruise on the Celibrity Summit. It was pretty wonderful, but felt strange to be on a beautiful cruise at the same time as the Japanese suffered the worst ever earthquake and Tsunami, and the world was being threatened by a total nuclear meltdown of a power plant with 6 damaged nuclear reactors.

The Hough Family get along really well - usually doing different things during the day then gathering for dinner each evening. A special day was in St. Thomas when we all took a tour including the airport where Samuel Hough Snr - the family patriach spend some time over 75 years ago as a young lad in the Marines. Sherna eldest brother, Samuel Hough Jnr had brought along a file of memobillia that Sherna had sent him from the papers stored in Tutu's garage.

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