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What happend to 2012 and ? Bryn's Hospital went onto an Electronic Medical Record on July 16th. A massively complicated and difficult process which wiped me out. At the same time Netflix put up a lot of great Sci Fi series - Fringe, Dr. Who, Eureka, Continuum, Revolution, Terra Nova, BattleStar Gallactica etc.. For most of the rest of 2012 and much of 2013, I became a couch patatoe - doing just the basics needed to live then watching two or three episodes of some series or other each night. Also at the same time, my favourite Web Editor - Adobe Go-live was no longer supported and I have had to change to Dreamweaver - which doesn't play nicely with my existing Go-live pages and is vastly less use friendly. No doubt much more poweful - but I just want a shopping cart not an intergalictic space ship so I'm having a lot of trouble getting up the energy to learn how it does the simplest thing - like selecting the exact font that I want.

December 2012 through to 2013...

Life got away from me this year - I'd have to look at iPhoto to but it all back together again.

October 2012

August 2012.

July 2012.

May 2012

April 2012

March 2012

This period, Sherna had become a faculty of the Wilmette Institute - the internet study course on subject pertainent to the Faith and the "exigencies of the Times". Also another wonderful young person, Oren Hardy turned up. Raised in Bali, of American Parents, he had encountered the Faith at Maxwell Bahá'í School as a student - but wasn't particularly interested. However, it seem to follow him wherever he went, including when he moved to Fairfax - so he bit the bullet and started to find out more about it.

Bonnie treated her family to another amazing family trip - this time to Italy for two weeks- From Wed 7th through to Thurs 22nd. Rome, Pompei, Florence, Perugia -( where Sam Hough Jr had been a student).

February 2012

Sunday 26th, had a party for my Citizenship with family and nieghbors - got some silly and not so silly American presents. That evening we had an Ayyam-i-Ha party at our home.

Saturday 18th to Monday 19th: Monday being President's day we both had it off, so we hopped in the Van and took a little camping trip to BoonVille, camping the first night in the Boonville Fairground, then the next night at Anchor Bay. Nice place with newly installed Wifi. Visited Point Arena Light house, Fort Ross Russian compoun then home by he evening.

Wednesday 15th, : Bryn's Citizenship swearing in ceremonly at the Paramount Theatre, Oakland, along with some 1,300 other! They did a roll-call by country and it was really quite amazing to see how he US is stil asorbing so many different cultures into this great melting pot.

Saturday 11th: Jil Ivy wa in a play called "Counter Attack" at the Asby Theatre in Berkley. It based on a book by the same name that was the photographic study of "Lifer" servers in American Restuarant diners. Fun night and the author/photographer of the book was there, autographing and selling books. The next day, Sunday we drove to Pt Reyes and had lunch at the Pine Cone Diner - and shared the book with the waitresses there who are definately "Lifers".

Saturday 5th: Had another neighbor hood brunch for our new tenants and neighbors

Jan 2012

Friday 27th. A wonderful man from Sierra Leone, "Jojo" who is here as a Refugee and had been cultivated by Jil Ivy and Tony Faustini joined the Bahá'í Communty at our fireside. First new member of the community in a long time.

Friday 13. Bryn had his US Citizen ship interview. Got all the 10 questions right so on my way to becomign a US Citizen. Luckily US and Australia now have joint agreements that allow me to keep my Australian Passport as well.

The large group of children and mother's who were coming for children's classess and English assistance never came back after the Summer break. The only exception was 11 year old Erick Martinez who continued to pop over every Saturday and had Ruhi 3a classes with Marjan LaRue and Bryn.

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