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Sherna and Bryn Deamer's weblog  2015/16/17

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May 2017: 
As is our custom, we combined the Convention with a bit of personal touring. After the closing of the convention we flew to Denver, picked up a rental car and took of to Cheyanne Wyoming, staying the night in a the personal home booked through AirBNB. The young couple had interesting parralless to us - the wife being in the Medical Field, and the husband a lawyer - interested in Justice, so was intrigued to hear about Sherna's work for the Superior Court of California.

(I will be practicing on Kompozer, creating a web page of the trip: 2017 - South Dakota lets see if it works!)

April 2017:
Sherna was elected delegate for the Northern Coastal Elctoral Unit of the Bahá'í Community for the 4th time in a row. A great privilege and bounty (for us both as I get to go with her - although next year I'm going to let another community go with her to experience the convention). More photos on facebook

Sherna at podium

Sherna at the Podium
Sherna Voting

Sherna voting

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6th: Attended an intensive Institute study class on the Universal House of Justice, at Bosch Bahá'í School

May 201
19th: Said Goodbye to Ernie and Diana Jones who left in the morning for Eugene Oregan, passing under a banner I had erected over their street.

4th: We returned home to turn on the Solar Panel System that had been installed by Solar City on the roof of our house. Designed to replace about 95% of our electricity.

1st to 3th: We attended the National Convention of the Bahá'ís of the USA. A highlight of this Convention was the opening of the beautiful new public visitor's center.

April 2015:
24th: Sherna was elected delegate at the previous Convention, so we headed for Chicago - Sort of. We actually flew to New Orleans, and over the next week drove up HWY 61 - The Blues HWY to St. Louis, then over to Chicago. Highlights were visiting the newly opened Whitney Plantation Museum, the first musem built into a southern mansion/plantation dedicated to the experience of the slaves; visiting Graceland, the home of Elvis Presley; joining the Bahá'ís of St. Louis for a Ridvan Celebratoin in the Missouri Botanical Garden.  Photos uploaded to three albums because there are too many photso for one!

album #1 - New Orleans to Memphis Tennassee.

album # 2 - Graceland in Memphis-home of Elvis Presley.

album # 3 - Memphis to St. Louis, then into Chicago

11th: Sherna and I attended a volunteer fair at the Buck Institute for Aging on the slopes above Novato. We see this beautiful building every time we drive, but normally it is closed, so we took the opportunity to get a look-see inside.

5th: Friends and Family visit an Art Installation on Alctraz Island that include images made of Lego of people currently imprisonned for their beliefs. The 7 Bahá'í leaders in Iran were included in the group.

March 2015: 
15th: Cyclone Pam hit Vanuatu, Devestating Tanna.  But in a fantastic show of Reliance and Resiliance the community bounced back.  Using Kompozer I managed to put together a web page of stories and notifications from our family and friends in Vanuatu.

14th: Took the Neighborhood junior youth to the Kehoe Beach along with Bonnie's Dog, Maxwell. We all had a ball trying to dam the creek, and learning about the power of water!  Photos uploaded to a public album.

February 2015:

Feb 20: Bryn took the neighorhood boys on a weekend trip visiting caves in the foothills of the Sierra Mountains, then up to the snow at Lake Tahoe. Photos uploaded to a public album

31 Jan - 1st Feb: Attended a deepening in Nevada City, CA featuring Hooper Dunbar and Ghaneh Fananapazir at Mama Bear's cabin.

January 2015

25th: We both went on a walk on the Kehoe Beach Trail on the Point Reyes Seashore.
24th: We hosted a sweet Neighborhood musical night. Five nieghbors pluse some a couple for Novato turned up with their musical instruments.

1st: Bryn took himself for an 8 mike hike to Alamere falls as progressively worsening knee pains make it seem like such activities may be out of the options for future. (Update Dec 2017 - thankfully knee pain has disappeared for no particular reason!)  Photos uploaded to Face book public album.

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