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August 2018:
The first Local House of Worhip in the Americas was inaugurated on Sunday 23rd July, at Agua Azzul, South of Cali, Colombia. Following that dedication, the next four Sunday were designated as "First Visits" and the local population was encouraged to attend.  Each Sunday about 300 people arrived, and were treated to a taste of the inauguration through dances, music, videos of the main speakers, and having the mayor of the largest close town, Villa Ricca at each visit to give her warm welcome to the participants.   The National Assembly of Colombia had sent a message to the USA inviting applications from the US community to attend one of the "First visits" and Sherna and I responded immediately.  We were invited to attend the 2nd celebration of Sunday 12 August, and to the open evening on Monday 13th of August. So we flew to Colombia, and spent about 5 days there then flew to Ecador and on the the Galapagos Islands for a week. Then home with a stop-over in San Salvador, El Salvador.  Pictures of the trip have been posted to a public collection on Flikr < click to see!

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April 2018:
Sherna was elected delegate for the Northern Coastal Elctoral Unit of the Bahá'í Community for the 5th time in a row. This time we opted to take another community member, Elaine Tokalahi with her as her guest to attend to the convention.  I went and volunteered in the temple and in the new visitor's center which was very sweet.  Elaine is a young mother of great capacity, and had never been to a larger gathering of truly dedicated Bahá'ís, so this made a great impact on her, and sparked many ideas for our community. She and Sherna will make a great team.

March 2018
23rd: Red Grammer gave a concert to the Canal Community after providing a day of education and entertainment to the Grant Elementary School in Richmond. Nazy Heydari, a local Bahá'í is the headmaster there, and has turned it around to such an extent that she has been nominated for Headmaster of the Year for her region.

February 2018:
By chance Pourva Murday was speaking to the youth in a home near San Jose. Not sure why, but we got invited to attend (< click to see photo) even though our youth is many year behind us. It was a lovely evening, and a great chance for newer Bahá'í to learn something how it was to live directly under the Guardian with no Universal House of Justice, no Ruhi Institute, and often no other Bahá'ís for thousands of miles.

17th: Attended a study class in Nevada City lead by Kathy Hogensen, author of "Lighting the Westen Sky"

24th: Amazing Ayyam-Há Party in the Canal. Organized as a Friendship festival by the parents and children of the Saturday morning children's class. Aproximately 160 people turned up, with only 30 people being Bahá'ís!

January 2018:
Visited the Bahá'í Community of Cresent City, and attended what may have been a first Reflection gathering for the community. During this visit one of the community members told a story of how they had been at a meeting with a Knight of Bahá'u'lláh, Pourva Murday, many years ago, whose enthusiastic encouragment has helped keep the flame of faith burning in her heart through many trials and tribulations.

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