Cabo Pulmo, Mexco 2004

Day one, 11 December 2004.

We seem to have hit a time warp - I think I'm back at Elat C. 1983! But no - this is the delightful beach resort of Cabo Pulmo at the southern end of Baja, California.

Bryn found he had to use 5 of the holiday days he had earned (and was saving to return to Vanuatu in February 2005) before Dec. 31 st. or lose them at the turn of the year. So a here we are - "On the road again". Well we did fly to Cabo San Jose, but then we rented a car. Driving the full 1,400 miles from San Fracisco is for another much longer holiday in the future.

Compared to the Negev, this area seem pretty lush
Lush green Arroyo in South Baja
Sherna by the Rental car in Baja Mexico
After a short 2 hr 45 min fllight we arrived at The San Jose Cabo airport and picked up our Rental car from Dollar. A quick trip down HWY 1 took us to a shopping centre to buy supplies, then we headed back up the road past the airport and found the Turn-off to Cabo Pulmo about an hour later.
Braham Bull on the road to Cabp Pulmo
The sun was westering and all the cows were going home - using the road of course - they're no fools!
Cows on the road to Cabp Pulmo
The last 10 Km (6 miles) was on dirt, and the traffic got somewhat heavier. By now the sun had set.

By the time we got to the "Resort" the last light was leaving the sky, so we didn't have much time to look around
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