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History of this site (~1998 to date)

Jason Deamer first established this site some years ago, but moved onto other things. Last heard from (July 2007) he was in Salt Lake City, Utah with his family before returning to Rome, Italy. I have kept it alive and active for the use of Deamers everywhere. It is not meant to be just about the one family, but time and application migration problems have made it difficult to get it to where we had always wanted it to be. . 

When I took it over and started hosting it in 2002, I was using Go-live which was a wonderfu simple editor - however in ~2010 it was sold to Adobe, which killed it in favor of Dreamweaver. However the files were not compatible, so after some years of trying to update it with Dreamweaver, I have started using Kompozer. However I am still have trouble with it so it is still looking pretty ugly.

(Nov 2017)

Meg Deamer Academy update:
Feb 2019:


After 11 years of service, the decision has been made to close the the schoole:

School Web pages
for  stories and photos
(Nov. 2017)

Bryn and Sherna Deamer
- Web log, biographies etc.

Tony Deamer
Coco-oil fuel production
Unity Airlines

Send me an email to introduce your self and requst an address like:

You can opt to just choose an address and have any email to it forwarded to your existing address. Let me know if you would like me to set up an alias like that for you. Bryn @

So watch this space and offer your suggestions.

Regards, Bryn Deamer

February 2003

Updated March 11, 2015

Louis Andrew Deamer on Face book

Parviz Deamer on Facebook

Penny Deamer on Facebook

Robin Deamer on Facebook

Zina Deamer on Facebook and
Zees Balcony Farm for her urban farm blog.

Minia Deamer

Other Deamers

From Graham Deamer, U.K:
The village of Pulloxhill (sic) in Bedfordshire. It was here that the oldest representative of the English (i.e. not the German/American) Deamers is recorded. 1536, King Henry VIII's days
Family online memorials

Meg Deamer - 8 October 2006
Tutu Hough - 8 April 2008
Jim Pfiefer - 13 January 2006
Bill Hough - 22 September 2010

Archive of Cyclone Pam
A category "6" cyclone in Vanuatu, Feb, 2015.

Deamer Geneology (Basic)

Powerpoint of David Deamer
(Santa Cruz, CA) Geneology

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