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Jim Pfieffer's Memorial - 4 February 2006

St. Andrew's Presbyterian Church, Marin City
Sausalito Cruising Club, Sausalito.

Paster Veronica led the congregation and guests in a beautiful and uplifting memorial to Jim.
Bonnie and Michael with Jim's cousin Ed behind.
Michael at the podium giving a view of Jim's life from the perspective of a devoted and loving son.
Bonnie shares some of her stories of life with Jim, particularly their trip to South Africa, and Eldorat Kenya.
The choir wearing the robes that they were able to puchase after Jim had got them a paying "gig" with the Bar Foundation.
Part of the audience in the sanctuary
Margaret Hough talking with Oran Freeman while Bonnies older brother Sam Hough, Jnr from Rhode Island, looks on.
Bonnie's nephew Ben with wife, Nicole and daughter Lauren.
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