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Jim Pfieffer's Search and Rescue, Jan  2006

Pfieffer SAR - Car park full of cars of volunteer searchers.
Above: Bonnie located Jim's car in the carpart at Rodeo Beach at 9.30pm Friday night. By the next morning it was cordened off, but surrounded by the cars belonging to some 167 volunteer Search and Rescue (SAR) personnel who started pouring int around Saturday morning.
Pfieffer SAR - Volunteers poring ove maps. Resource Board in SAR for Pfieffer
"T-cards" used to control Resources in SAR for Pfieffer

A crisis center was set up in a room at the Marin Headland's institute next to the Ranger's office. The co-ordinator set up a Resource board listing all the people coming:
Marin SAR - 12, CALESAR 5, San Matao, 6; Banru 6, Coco - 44, Alemeda - 8, Napa 3, etc
Other resources: Helo, USAR, USAR - H20, etc, etc. It was incredible.

Logo - Contra Costa County SAR Logo - Napa County SAR
Logo Alameda County SAR
<NAPA County
Logo- Marin County Sheriff SAR
Logo - United States Park Police
A few of Logos of the organizations who came in to assist the Marin Headland Park Rangers in the Search and Rescue missions
Pfieffer SAR - NBC11 news van
Sympathetic news coverage by most of the Bay Area stations helped draw forth witnesses who were able to more closely pinpoint the last time Jim was seen: 4.30pm in the car park with his three legged dog Maxell.
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