Myrtle Emily [Grigg] Deamer

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Born in Perth Western Australia, on 1 February 1922, Myrtle Emily Grigg, forever known to all family and friends as Meg, was the one of five children - Billie, Robert, "Meg", Peter, Judy.. Raised in Western Australia, she was educated in the Anglican Girls school system. She continued on in a nursing program so that she could always be independent, as she would relate, of the need to be dependant on any man.

Married soon after World War II, in 1947, to Tom Deamer, she bore two children, Antony (Tony) Adrian Deamer, and Bryn William Deamer. Her marriage to Tom broke up shortly after the birth of Bryn in 1954, and using her nursing education she commenced a life of caring for and raising her two boys, bouncing backwards and forwards between Sydney, New South Wales, - her ex-husband’s home, and Perth, Western Australia, her own family’s home.

Raised a Anglican but married to a husband who felt that religion was purely a man-made socio-psychological phenomenon, she found herself alone with her two boys in Sydney with a huge void in her life in 1959. Suddenly one morning while reading the newspaper, as she occasionally related later, she realized that she was looking for God. She would describe how an inner dialogue erupted:

“I’m not going to find God in the newspaper!” “Yes you are, keep looking”. “There, that’s the last page and I didn’t find Him”. “You missed it, go back to the Religion pages”. “Religion!? That’s ridiculous, but if you insist.” “There it is: “Bahá'í World Faith”.

The message was one of those short items so common to the Bahá'í community in the early 1960’s. Probably a quote, but she could never remember what it was, but a phone number that she rang, and through which she was introduced to the Revelation of Bahá'u'lláh. After joing in many meetings and deciding it was the truth she decided to pack up from Sydney and return to Perth to share it with her family.

She arrived in Perth, drivng most of the way in a “Standard 8” in 1959/60 or so, but would say that her family, her mother and 3 remaining siblings, figuratively patted her on the head and said: “That’s very nice for you dear, you need something, but we have what we need, thank you very much.”

So she sought out the local Bahá'í community and started attending meetings. One day in 1962 after having been to many such meetings, she was with the tiny group of Bahá'ís who were bemoaning that they only needed one more to have nine members form the first Local Spiritual Assembly of the Bahá'ís of the City of Perth. Looking around she counted 8 people plus herself, and said “But we have nine.” She had always assumed that she was a Bahá'í but was never able to remember if she just neglected to tell the community in Sydney, or if she did, and they just never got the word to the Perth Bahá'ís. So she “officially” joined the community, and with great joy, the first Local Spiritual Assembly of the City of Perth was formed. [There had been and Local Spiritual Assembly of Perth – but when guidance came from Shogi Effendi that the boundaries should follow local jurisdictions it was split into many groups, and took some years for any one group to develop to the point of being able to elect a Local Spiritual Assembly.)


Meg with baby Bryn and Tony - Perth ?, Australia 1954.
Tom Deamer on Skis.
Possibly taken during a 6 week cross country trek though the Australian Alps undertaken with Meg and other's C. 1947.
They did not meet another person or group for a solid three weeks of the trek according to Meg.
Brother Bill, killed in PNG during WWII while photographing tree felling operations.