Myrtle Emily [Grigg] Deamer

Bryn's view -
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Suffice to say that Robin and Louie went through school and were able to go back to Vanuatu to rejoin the family there, and attend boarding school on the Northern Island of Santo. Uncle Bryn and his wife Sherna, were probably these mysterious people that every now and then passed through their lives with strange tales of far off Middle-Eastern lives. Meg continued to maintain a home for Zina in Barnsley, N.S.W., but with Zina’s departure to university in the Mid 1990’s it became apparent that without her granddaughter-helper, she was getting less capable of dealing with the complex world as dementia crept in.

Tony had remarried in 1985 to a dedicated and energetic Malaysian Bahá'í by the name of Easuary, whom he had met in the refugee camps in Thailand while delivering books there in answer to a plea from the National Spiritual Assembly of Thailand. Together they have two children, Parviz and Penny. In the mid 1990’s Parvis and Easury left New Hebrides to spend a year at the Townshend School in Czechoslovakia, Parvize’s tuition being waived in return for Easuary teaching at the school. Meg was “invited” to Port Vila to help care for Penny with Tony. (During this year, Penny and Zina joined Parviz and Easuary then the three youngsters flew to Israel to spend time with their mysterious Aunt and Uncle in Haifa. Uncle Bryn managed to get a rabid Hyrax to nip Penny’s finger resulting in her becoming intimately acquainted with Israeli Hospitals and the latest rabies treatment.)

Meanwhile Meg arrived in Port Vila, and over the next decade became a well-known figure, walking through the town – never lost because everybody new she was “Mama blong Toni” and would put her in their taxi and drive her home or back to the workshop.

Again this decade of her life needs to be told by her third family – Penny, Parviz, and Easuary.

As the dementia progressed, Tony and Easuary paid for two house-girls to keep her well, clean, and fed, but the clock could not be turned back and in the early hours of Sunday, October 8th, 2006 she winged her flight to the Abha Kingdom.

She leaves behind sons: Tony and Bryn, daughter-in-laws: Easuary and Sherna (and ex-daughter in-law, Elizabeth), grandchildren: Robin, Louis, Zina, Parviz and Penny, and great grandchild: (from Robin), Shay.

Thank you Mum for guiding us to the Straight Path and leading us to a way of life that ensures hope for the world.



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Mum on her feet as always. Click on this image to see more of her life in Vanuatu.
Tony and Bryn in the only professional school photo ever taken of them. C.1962