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Meg Deamer Academy - May 2014  Meg's Graduation Photo - C 1944

In May 2014, Bonnie Hough, Sherna and Bryn had a "Meetup" at the school.  Bonnie was going around the world from West to East and Sherna and Bryn from East to West.  They spent 4 days with Barnabas Florence and the family  discussing the development of the school.

School Portrait
School portrait, June 2014
School Motto
Pre-schooler portrait with the school Motto, June 2014
Primary School rooms
School rooms with gardens before planting , June 2014
Inside a classroom
Inside a Primary class, June 2014
Inside a pre-school classroom
Inside the Pre-school classrom, June 2014
Teachers at the school
School teachers portrait, June 2014
Meal break
Line up for the meal, June 2014
Tradition dancers at the school
Traditional dance, June 2014
Bett Family
Bett Family (+1 friend), June 2014

Meg Deamer Academy

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