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Meg Deamer Academy - 2015  Progress

In December 2014, a GoFundMe Campaign successfully raised finances needed to build a new classroom to the new government standards. Below are photo being received of the progress in building that room. Each photo is digitally dated in the bottom right

Latest photos on the top - working backwards:
Updated: March 11th, 2015.
DSCN5157w.jpg DSCN5161w.jpg
Roof  on!
Celebrating with ice cream?
DSCN5147w.jpg DSCN5140w.jpg
Bush Knife carpentry
Senior students in front of their future class room
DSCN5136w.jpg DSCN5047w.jpg
Roof joints in place
Walls going up
DSCN5046w.jpg DSCN4993w.jpg
Hard working donkey
Children welcoming a truck load of sand.
DSCN4986w.jpg DSCN4959w.jpg
Unloading the Sand
Infilling the foundation.
DSCN4944w.jpg DSCN4938w.jpg
First work on the Foundations
More foundational work.
A mountain of bricks Stones for foundations
Earth and Stone
Sand hil
Earth and stones
Sand hill - (protected by branches - you can imagine what 70 children would do with a pile of sand like this! What fun!)
Cement on legs. Metal window frames and bars
Cement being carried to the locked storage until needed. Metal Window frames and artistic security bars.

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