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Feb 2019
Meg Deamer Academy Closes

The Meg Deamer Academy was a private school located in Eldoret, Kenya, providing elementary education to students who would not otherwise attend school. The curriculum focused on beginning academics and character development. The vision of the school was to bring up children who will benefit society in the future as part of a community building process.

It was founded in January 2007 by Barnabas and Florence Bett with minimal personal financial assistance from members of the Deamer/Hough family - and was thus named in honor of Meg Deamer, who passed away in Oct. 2006 in Port Vila Vanuatu
shortly before the school was founded

Meg's Graduation Photo - C 1944
Meg Deamer C.1945 graduation.

From: Barnabas Bett <bettb>
Date: Tuesday, February 5, 2019 at 10:36 PM
To: Bryn Deamer <bryn>
Subject: closure of the school.

Dear Friends,
After lengthy consultation with parents, and teachers and the headmaster, we have decided to close the school officially. We arrived at the decision when we considered many factors mainly those of sustainability, taxes, and corruption ... The other factor was failure of the parents to meet school fees though it was the cheapest in the area.

It is really a hard decision we made but we have decided to take the step especially when some parents do not see the sacrifice and efforts we have made over the years. We are however going to decide what to do with the buildings, we may have to convert to be rentals for people to hire. We will have to look for some money to renovate, that is repair, paint and partition them so that we hire out.  Pass our greetings to Sherna

Barnabas Kipkorir Bett
University of Kabianga
P.O. Box 2030

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