3,400 km in a rented car.
March 2004

Toyta Tercel on the Lima Shore front
After leading over 90 groups on bus tours of Israel from 1984 to 2000 the last thing we want to do is to be led around by a tour guide, getting on and off a bus. When we travel we like to be as unstructured as possible, and for us the best way to do that is to rent a car and travel where and when we want to.

So we wanted to do the same in Peru, but nobody we met in Peru had ever heard of anybody doing that. Neverless we found Hymie at
Paz rentals in the International Hostelling office in Lima Peru who appreciated our adventuresness, and trusted us with his ittle 1.3 litre, 1998 Toyota Tercel. So we filled it up with petrol (about $US3.50 per U.S. gallon [ =3.5 litres] and headed off and ended up travelling some 3,400 km in the southern half of that fascinating country.

This then is the story of the trip.

Day One:

Lima - Saturday
After an abortive attempt to collect the car we had ordered from Hertz (they had let the car go because we got there late - and they weren't very encouraging about us driving all over half of the country) we made a fateful wrong turn and found Paz Rentals at xxx xxxx St. (phone: xxx xxxxx). For a total of $US 47.00 per day including mandatory Insurance ($US 7.00 /day), +20% tax and a long conversation with Hymie, the proprieter, we found our selves in our own car. So we did a few exploratory trips around Lima to get a feel for the driving style in Peru. It's anarchic to say the least!

Nevertheless we made it to the Plaza de Arma and back to our hotel (Nirvana)
Lima's Plaza de Arma

Driving tips:

One: Firstly we learnt that Peru does not use the International "No entry sign" at the wrong end of one way roads, nor are there white arrows on the road or the standard arrows on poles tellling you which way the road is going. INSTEAD the direction is indicated on the street name sign which is generally found after, much difficulty, attached to the wall of a building on the corner!
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