Cocofuel - BioDiesel in Vanuatu.

(Previously sold under the name of Island Fuel by the new defunct Motor-Traders Ltd.)
Island Fuel was part of a family of business that now has consolidated into:

  Unity Airlines (Charters and tours)

Video about Tony's use of coconuts for diesel fuel. Click on the play button in the middle of the image to see i via YouTube.

1. In Vanuatu, a proving ground for coconut oil as an alternative fuel

Volume 15, Issue 1 / April-June 2003

Entrepreneur Tony Deamer shows that pure coconut oil can be used as an alternative to petroleum in automotive diesel engines. The result is an environmentally friendly fuel that might also help the local economy.

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2. Coco-Crude in Vanuatu. (Article now deleted from the Web - Dec. 2008)

February 2004 -


Coconuts have been widely harvested in tropical coastal areas. The principal product is copra, the dried flesh of the nut, from which oil is extracted for use in food products such as margarine as well as in cosmetics and soap. In recent years the demand for copra has been falling, and with it the price, leading to declining incomes in regions heavily dependent on copra production. However, on the islands of Vanuatu in the Pacific Ocean an entrepreneur, Tony Deamer, has succeeded in using coconut oil in fuel for motor vehicles. Potentially this enterprise could help to revitalise the market for copra and have wide-ranging environmental benefits as well.

3. Tony Taps the Coconut (Article now deleted from the Web - Dec. 2008)

4. SOPAC : BIOdiesel in FIJI  (Website now deleted - June 2017)

SOPAC is the South Pacific Applied Geoscience Commission has information about the use of Coconut oil as fuel in the South Pacific

5. For more information about Cocofuel in Vanuatu

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