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YJ-OO19 Greece to Vanuatu
January 2009

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See the Dave's (the co-pilot) post:

Tips from a recent ferry flight

In early December Tony flew to Greece to get this plane ready to fly back to Vanuatu (see Map) to join YJ-OO9 and double the Unity-Airlines fleet! Above left is one of the first photos he sent back to us. Since then much work has been done, and although he could not do much about the basic color he did manage to spruce it up a little. Latest report as of 15 January is that the tanks are full of 2,700L of fuel and they are nearly ready to lift of on an adventure taking them halfway around the world.
Having lived in a tropical Paradise since 1969, it was hard to cope with tempurature of minus 7 degrees!
While he was there he was joined for much of the time by his youngest daughter, Penny, currently schooling in Melbourne, Ausralia, and then by his "senior" daughter Zina,(see her weblog) currently teaching in Prague, Czech Republic, and managed to get a few trips in around the countryside.
Tony and Penny on the mezzanine where they stayed for a month along with a yellow car, another yellow plane, and a yellow model plane (on top of the real one!)
Daughter Penny in their digs at the aerodrome (and hanger)
Sisters, Zina and Penny, and with dad on the beach.
Tony in front of a bunch of old Greek rocks! :)
Penny on a sea wall

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Tony's video on Cocofuel