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Funeral: 15 April 2008:

Margaret's funeral service was held at the Fernwood cemetery, Mill Valley.

Family and members of the Bahá'í Communty gathered at 10 am and participated in washing, annointing and wrapping her body in accordance with the requirements of her Faith. Those who participated reported that it was a deeply moving, joyous occasion and a wonderful way of saying goodbye. A CD of prayers and meditations was played to accompany the process.

At the conclusion of the ceremonial washing and wrapping, the participants joined some 30 friends and family in the beatiful, zen-like service room where a selection of prayers and readings, both prepared and spontaneously offered took place. During the early part of this service, the Staff of Fernwood had place Margaret in the cofffin and sealed it, then wheeled it out to the front of the room. The prayers and reading continued with many of the participants resting a loving hand on the coffing as they spoke.

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