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Wha's new 10 (May 2016)

Gave up on Dreamweaver after hours of frustration.  Now trying Kompozer - a share ware program.  Also not terribly good..  So not much getting done. Nevertheless managed to use it to created some new pages for the Meg Deamer Academy.

What's new 9 (July 2014)

Adobe Go-live was discontinued and I had to buy Dreamweaver. However, Dreamweaver would not import the existing files and allow easy editing. So for a number of years I have bumbled around trying to make it work as best I could - all very frustrating! Think I'l watch and Episode of Dr. Who!

What's new 8 (Jan 2009)

New web page for Tony's adventure in getting a Trilander from Greece to Vanuatu.

What's new 7 (28 Aug 2008)

New web page for Minia Deamer
Zina Deamer visits, and she and Bryn both by new Macs - Zina an I-book, Bryn a MacBook Pro.
Bryn starts a Course on EV conversion

What's New 6

Bryn and Sherna travelled to Jordan, Egypt and Israel in Oct/ Nov. 2007.


What's New 5

New information about the Deamers businesses in Vanuatu click here for the new web pages...


What's New 4

Sherna and Bryn being in California and no longer working at the Bahá'í World Centre in Haifa Israel...


What's New 3

This computer -a PowerBook G4 - I just wanted a change from Windows - but it's been a steep learning curve...


What's New 2

Me learning how to develop, host and manage a web site and email system..


What's New 1

A new dairy entry on Sherna and Bryn's page - Whoope!!!! :(

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